Robert Taurosa

President, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Ideal Life Settlements LLC

Robert Taurosa’s Professional Journey

Robert Taurosa, is the president, chairman, and chief executive officer of Ideal Life Settlements LLC. Taurosa has served as president and CEO for 16 years and is the top professional in the life settlement industry where he overseas an estimated 1,865 agents, financial planners, CPA’s and attorneys nationwide. He grew up in Newark, New Jersey and quickly learned the importance of a good work ethic. After graduating from Essex Catholic High School, he chose to attend Monmouth University, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance & Accounting. While at Monmouth, he discovered his affinity for numbers and equations as well as his passion for the actuarial industry. These skills and passion for numbers have served him well in his professional career, and have been vital in his success across numerous industries.

In 1990, Taurosa founded IDEAL to provide financial relief for all seniors and terminally ill patients by helping them receive lump sum payments for their unaffordable or unwanted life insurance policies. In his first 6 months as directing member, Robert Taurosa expanded the company’s senior leadership to include alliances with top financial entities, institutions, and Fortune 500 companies. He enhanced the company’s focus on effective risk management and diversified the their investment portfolio, resulting in a leaner and more efficient approach to business. Under Taurosa’s leadership, IDEAL  was able to leverage strength from one entity of the secondary market transaction to another, which helped drive effectiveness and ultimately lift product capability during one of the industry’s most challenging times.

As the life settlement industry grew, Robert Taurosa oversaw the expansion of the company to include consulting financing entities on new investment opportunities in the emerging secondary market. Many investors are attracted to life settlements because they are purchasing a high-yield asset that is not correlated to traditional markets. It is acquired through well-regulated, highly transparent life settlement transactions.

Robert values transparency and customer satisfaction above all else. By taking the necessary time to truly listen and understand a customer’s needs and wants, he is able to compose the proper plan for the right situation. Striving for customer satisfaction at all levels, Robert has led the Ideal agency to a position of prominence in the insurance industry.

Robert Taurosa, in addition to being the president and chief executive officer of The Ideal Life Agency LLC. Ideal, works with over 100 life insurance companies to make sure that their customers get the best rates on the policies they wish to obtain. At Ideal Life Agency, Robert provides a comfortable environment for patients to speak about life experiences. With so many agencies under Ideal Life Agency’s umbrella, clients are given a plethora of options to work with best to suite the clients needs. Each agency under his umbrella brings forth a unique perspective, abundant resources, and personably employees dedicated to bettering the life of their clients. Although Robert takes great pride in his burgeoning business, it his his family that holds his heart.

Taurosa now resides in New Jersey and California and enjoys cars, boating, surfing and spending time with his beautiful wife, Carol, and their three loving children.